5-Axis Cutting Demos

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Layup Trim Pattern YouTube (2 Min.) Shows true 5-axis contouring
Aircraft Part YouTube (3 Min.) Final 5-Axis machining operation
Prototype YouTube (1 Min.) Satellite part made from solid aluminum Forging
High speed Trimming YouTube (1 Min.) Shows fast feedrates for 5-axis trimming of parts
Boring Holes YouTube (1 Min.) 5-Axis holes 1" Dia +/- .0002 at .007 True Position
Titanium Part YouTube (1 Min.) Slot cut through TI plate
Medical Helmet YouTube (1 Min.) Drill hundreds of holes in hemisphere
Pattern 1 YouTube (1 Min.) Vacuum form tool for Panoz auto
Steep Corners YouTube (1 Min.) Cutting walls and corners at steep angles
Deep Pattern YouTube (3 Min.) Rear wheel well Vacuum tool for the new Panoz car
Tool Change YouTube (2 Min.) Showing quick changing of the HSK Tool Holder
Car Hood Pattern YouTube (1 Min.) 5-axis head expanded the reach
Cylinder Porting YouTube (2 Min.) John Force Racing cylinder head
Drilling Holes YouTube (2 Min.) Strap Part with many holes at compound angles
Calibration Youtube (4 Min.) Volumetric Calibration of the 5-axis head
Installation YouTube (14 Min.) Installation of the M5414

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